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Emergency Contraception

Commonly known as the Morning after pill. It be taken upto 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. The pill is available free of charge subject to consultation with an accredited Pharmacist.

Stop Smoking Support

An NHS funded stop smoking service is available. Our pharmacists can identify the most suitable nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for our customers and provide them with the advice and support needed to help them stop smoking. NRT has shown to double a person's chance of quitting smoking.

Medicines Use Reviews

A new NHS Service in which you can have a private consultation free of charge with your pharmacist. If you are experiencing side-effects or are unsure of exactly what your medicines are for or the best time to take them, this is an ideal opportunity to ask the expert advice of your pharmacist.

The service is designed so that you can get the best from your medicines. We have a private consultation room in which you can sit down and have a chat about any problems you are experiencing or questions you have with regards to your medicines. Ask your Pharmacist for further details.

Service to Nursing / Residential Homes

Provide care home / nursing home services where we can arrange for clients medication to be blistered ready for administration, we also provide medication handling training for care staff at the homes.

Other Services

Please contact the pharmacist for information on the following services:

  • Computerised Records & Interaction Check
  • Stoma & Incontinence Supplies
  • Disabled Aids
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